by BAP Staff Ashley G. Woodson

Roger Babusci (Director) - Mr. Babusci graduated from Duquesne University and has studied theater for many years. For the past thirty-five years he has been a teacher at Schenley. Mr. B is currently the Activities Director and teaches theater in the IB program. This is the final show as director and he wants to thank all of those casts and crews who have made the Schenley MAGIC happens on our stage each year.

Roger Babusci affectionately known as Mr. B. has been teaching at Schenley High School for the past 35 years. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1980 at the production of "The Wiz". I was only 12 years old and it was like going to a broadway play. Even though I went to Brashear, I always went to Schenley's play because you were always guaranteed a fantastic show. Mr. B. always had the magic touch that made you feel like you've just seen the best production in the world.

Mayor Bob O'Connell presented Mr. Babusci with a proclamation for 35 years of service well done. He also received a proclomation from the Governor's office. All of the past alumni of Schenley's plays came to pay homage to their mentor in grand style. It was definitely an emotional evening the last night of the play. Mr. B. will always be remembered for putting on a stellar performance. He is the winner of 34 Gene Kelly Awards and many others awards for his productions.

Lights, visuals, sound and special effects were part of his production as well as a fantastic choreographed set of dancers. In the early years, Mr. B had a quite a few dance choreographers, but it wasn't until 1985 that he found his his permanent dance choreographer, Tony Dixon. These two have been making magic together for the past 21 years. Tony was also introduced to Schenley in 1980 at the age of 13 and from the first moment the curtain opened, he knew that he had to be a part of "The Magic". Tony says about Mr. B, "You have no idea how much you have taught much you mean to me. I will alway be grateful for you recognizing my talents and bringing out, 'my best' in each each and every show."

In the Director's Notes Mr. B states, "Composing these notes has been a difficult task since I am doing it for the last time. I have spent a great deal of time reflecting over the last 35 years and what they have meant to me. I've thought about 35 casts whose talents have illuminated this stage and 35 shows that hopefully have brightened thousands of lives."

We have always believed in student-driven productions because our job has been to teach first and direct second. We chose Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat because it is an extremely entertaining show with a message.

35 years ago the dream was to see if it was possible to do a show where one had not been 25 years. It was and we did. Over the years, literally thousands of students have been part of the magic of a Schenley musical. Their talent and dedication have added so much to my life that all I can think to say is simply....THANK YOU!!!!

Our sista Grace-Dixon Kizzie, long-time friend Cricket, and KDKA TV News Reporter Harold Hayes were just a few of many who came out to see the last show of MAGIC from Mr. B. and Tony Dixon.


Brotha Ash Productions thanks you Mr. B and Tony Dixon for the magic that you both have brought to many people over the years. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!