The 17th Anniversary Harvest Celebration Dinner
A Benefit for Just Harvest
by Writer Ashley G. Woodson

This benefit took place at the Omni William Penn Hotel, Thursday, October 27, 2005. Media critic and writer Eric Alterman was the main speaker for this event and he delivered a powerful message. He is one of the most honest media critics around today. He talked about the act of penal prayer and how the purpose of prayer is to committed yourself in reconstruction. He spoke on many topics which included how people blame George Bush for the war more than they blame Sadam Hussein. "How can it happen that we all share the same values, and yet we have lost so much power? The week after 911 most American's knew who the hijackers were. There was a perception that Saddam Hussein had something to do with it, but we knew better. We don't have to anyone to hold the media accountable in these situations, and the media doesn't hold theirselves accountable. Most of the information we get is source to anonymous source. The media is not taking their jobs seriously. The Bush administration has declared a war on the truth as far as the media is concerned. " He stated that he took his daughter down to Ground Zero after 911 and the EPA stated that the air was safe to breath. He smelled the stinch of dead bodies, but the EPA said it was ok for them to go to the site. He found out later that it was not ok and that he was lied to. People and the media are responsible to tell the truth. By the time a story gets around person by person, it gets distorted and watered-down. He reminded us of the incident of when Dan Rather made a mistake concerning George Bush's memo on national television. He said, "Everyone is certain that it's a result of liberal bias. If you asked the President a tough question, it's liberal bias." He is not sure how American can survive the way it is now with attacks on working people, Walmart supporting the minimum wage. "How far will it go? We need to think about more effect ways to work together and claim our country. We need to find a language that demonstrates values and fight for the truth."


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