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What Roles Are Your Words Playing?
I read somewhere years ago that words are like actors
if this is so
if this really is how it really is
what roles are your words playing in this made for TV movie called life
are your words taking black, Latino, and foreign exploitation roles to pay the bills
are they the hero
the villain
are your words the leading man
the leading woman
leading anything
are your words your words
or are they the editors words after editing
that ghost writers words after ghost writing
that other poets words after you finished biting
excuse me---writing what he or she said down
What roles are your words playing
do they go straight to the dome like some movies go straight to video
do they make people think
wanna say something
wanna do something
be something other than what they are
do something other than what they are doing
are your words type cast
are your black words broke or unemployed, on drugs, selling drugs
are your white words hiring, do they have excellent credit, are they afraid of black words
what about multiracial words
are your multiracial hated, are they passing, do they pretend to be like other words like
Spanish words
Chinese words
Japanese words
the block we check called other people's words
maybe your words are unemployed
sexually harassed by censorship always telling them to take something off
a comma
a explanation point
a verb
a word off
a noun off
a ebonic expression off
tell me my sista
tell me my brotha
what roles are your words playing

Poem submitted by Dean Russell, pka Disillusioned