By MotherPoetry

You know for so long I couldn't detect the fact that I was a defect,
so many people had an effect, that had a negative effect...
and I lived a long time mind, body and soul filled with an infect.

I needed someone, something to put me in quarantin

To help lead me to a spiritual being.

Allow me to throw my hands up an surrender everything.

Confess my sins and invite them in,
develop relations with a new and true friend.

I realize I no longer have to be victimized,
this spirit called God is on my side

And now...I don't walk through this world I kinda glide
and my eyes are no longer shut

My eyes are open wide.

I was raised in the South Bronx of New York City. I am the mother of four adult children, two son, two daughters, seven grandchildren. When I began writing this book I was in a lonely place. The purpose of my poetry is to connect with the world of people who haven't healed properly: we have to be reopened so that God can take away of all pain forever.  

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