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Major News! Groundbreaking on New Granada Square Apartment & Retail Building!

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The Hill Community Development Corporation (Hill CDC) announces the digital launch of the groundbreaking of the New Granada Square Apartments and Retail (NGSAR) structure along the Hill District's Centre Avenue cultural and commercial corridor. The project is a $16 million investment encompassing mixed-use development. The building boasts 5 stories of 40 affordable 1-and-2-bedroom apartments, laundry rooms, community services and nearly 5,000 sq. ft. of commercial retail space for businesses and restaurants currently available to lease.

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The celebratory pre-recorded groundbreaking opened with a heartfelt welcome by main street neighbor, Pastor Victor Grigsby of Calvary Baptist Church. "What an exciting moment for the community knowing we are celebrating the launch and groundbreaking of the New Granada Square Apartments and Retail," said Grigsby.

"This is, in fact a moment that is groundbreaking," says Marimba Milliones, President and CEO of the Hill CDC. Milliones has led the NGSAR project to fruition in partnership with CHN Housing Partners, a Cleveland-based nonprofit affordable housing developer. CHN decided to partner with the Hill CDC on the NGSAR on their very first development in Pennsylvania. "Sometimes it takes someone who is not from your hometown to see the opportunity," says Milliones. "Sometimes it takes someone who is not from your hometown to invest in you first. I'm grateful for CHN's partnership and investment." Commitments on investments have been made by KeyBank, Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Agency (PHFA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), McAuley Ministries, Duquesne Light and First National Bank.

CHN Housing Partners

"Thank you to the Hill CDC and to Marimba for her partnership on this meaningful development which is CHN's first in the Pittsburgh market," says Kevin Nowak, Executive Director, CHN Housing Partners. "We at CHN operate under the principle of the power of a permanent address and we can't think of a better place to do our work than in the historic Hill District," says Nowak. "We are proud that New Granada fulfills economic justice goals by directing over 40 percent of the work to minority-owned businesses and more than 15 percent to women-owned enterprises."

Largest Commercial Development and Investment on Centre Avenue Corridor in Generations

This is the largest commercial development and investment along the Centre Avenue corridor in generations. "I want to thank the Hill District community," says Milliones. "It's hard to wait for progress and to believe that we should aspire for better when people keep insisting to settle for anything. Basic needs that most communities have without even thinking twice are hard to come by in communities like the Hill District. It takes creativity and determination to make that happen. It also takes a tremendous amount of support from partners on the elected level as well as financiers."

Watch the digital groundbreaking of New Granada Square Apartments and Retail below!

Key Funders and Sponsors

As the pre-recorded groundbreaking event and digital sponsor, KeyBank was in attendance to champion the momentous event. Amanda Babst, Senior Vice President and Regional Retail Leader and Carla Frost, Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion for KeyBank shared their support. "KeyBank is honored to be a part of the financing of the redevelopment of New Granada Square," says Babst. "We could not be prouder of the work the Hill CDC is doing and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

The PHFA is the primary investor in this project. "They are investing right here on our main street in a project that isn't just housing," says Milliones. "It's artists housing and commercial real estate. That's not the normal type of investment and I thank PHFA for taking that leap on this special type of project and for taking a chance on creatives who are often used to build-up a community and then gentrification pushes them out."

Additionally, the URA was acknowledged by Milliones for their contributions. "The URA worked behind the scenes creatively and worked with us to finesse different challenges that were necessary for us to do a very complex deal."

A moment was taken to also acknowledge the volunteer board leadership. "I want to recognize the Hill CDC Board of Directors for the tremendous work they do in supporting the organization," says Milliones. "I have been fortunate to have a succession of leadership on the board level that made this possible."

For images of New Granada Square Apartments and Retail, as well as information about the redevelopment of the entire Centre Avenue block go to https://www.hilldistrict.org/newgranadasquare.

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