Nathaniel Bell was born and raised in Texas. He has an Associates Degree in Social Science from Henderson County Jr. College, in Athens TX. He has also undergone studies in Psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University, in Nacogdoches TX. Pittsburgh, Pa. has been his home for the past 17 years. Through his poetry, he will share his truth and wisdom with you to enjoy.





Written by Nathaniel Bell

Love in return is what we expect,
when we put our emotions out front.
My friend that's not what you'll always get,
I'll be truthful, and short, yet blunt.

Love in return is what we seem to need,
when it's true love we give from our heart.
But love in return isn't guaranteed,
to give love is simply a start.

Love in return is truly a gift,
that many of us seldom do receive.
I'm hoping my friend you catch my drift,
I don't write poetry with the intent to deceive.

Love in return is what some ask for in prayer,
and I'm sure disappointment will set in.
when they open their eyes to see what's there,
and they realize they've been short changed again.

But anger, disappointment, that feeling of hate,
isn't what we should be feeling at all.
Be thankful and realize it's wonderful and great,
to be able to give love that's unconditional.

Don't ask for or expect anything in return,
just give all the love you can give.
And surely someday you too will learn,
that life is simply a joy to live.

Love in return is what my savior didn't see,
when they lifted him high on the cross.
But true love has been given to both you and me,
and no way can we consider it a loss.

Love in return is no way required,
by my savior or my father above.
To give love is all they simply desire,
and you heard it straight from the Black Dove.